SORA gardens SC: Bringing new colors of Life to Binh Duong New City


SORA gardens SC, a shopping mall located on Hung Vuong Street, right at the gateway to Binh Duong New City, officially opened on July 28, 2023. It will be the first shopping mall in the Binh Duong New City urban area, meeting the needs of shopping, dining, and entertainment for customers with the presence of many amenities from major brands such as: AEON supermarket; Delica food court (sushi, curry, pastries, etc.); Glam Beautique chain of health and beauty stores; Kohnan Japan home appliances; ABC-Mart, a chain of genuine footwear stores with multiple popular Japanese brands; MomoTarou, a genuine Gacha and Figure store; Mollyfantasy & Kidzooona, a new and modern children’s play area; Food court with many popular brands such as Starbucks, KFC, Dookki, GoGi house, Kichi-Kichi, Texas Chicken, Xing Fu Tang… In addition, there are also 3 new stores recently: Muji, Nitori, and Mangkorn.Inside SORA gardens SC Shopping Center

With the motto “Colors of Life”, SORA gardens SC Shopping Center not only provides a variety of shopping and entertainment services and spaces, but also regularly organizes events and activities to bring new and exciting experiences to anyone who comes to Binh Duong New City. Inside SORA gardens SC Shopping Center

SORA gardens SC is inspired by traditional Japanese architecture, combining “Kumiko” and “Shoji” patterns in the location, outdoor area, and large glass windows for customers to enjoy the sun and fresh air from outside. The outdoor event square with a large screen is a place where the community and tenants can organize events together, along with the adjacent “SORA gardens Links” complex, which includes a covered indoor football field, a skateboarding rink, a community garden, restaurants, etc.Nitori at SORA gardens SC Shopping Center

9PMP is honored to be selected by Becamex Tokyu as the project management unit for SORA gardens SC. This is also the 17th shopping center project that 9PMP has managed in Vietnam. 9PMP has worked closely with the developer Becamex Tokyu and relevant partners to ensure the project’s construction progress, completion, and the successful opening of all stores on the opening day on July 28, 2023.

Project details

  • Project Type: Commercial
  • Service Prodived: Project Management
  • Period: Sep 2022 – Jul 2023