Let's look forward to the Parc Mall shopping mall


In 2024, it is expected to open Parc Mall – a large scale shopping mall at the corner of Ta Quang Buu and Cao Lo streets, District 8. With an area of ​​more than 60,000 square meters spread over 5 floors, Parc Mall is not only a place to shop but also a hub for a variety of food, entertainment, and shopping amenities. Perspective image of Parc Mall – District 8

The Parc Mall in District 8 will feature a mix of international brands, including big brands of international designers, cosmetics, jewelry, electronics, home appliances, and food and beverage. In addition, the Parc Mall in District 8 will also have a convention center, a co-working space, providing a dynamic and professional work space. It is expected that around 100 stores will open in June 2024.Perspective image of Parc Mall – District 8

The strategic location of Parc Mall in District 8, a densely populated area with convenient transportation, promises to attract a large number of customers and provide an ideal environment for business activities. This is a significant step forward in the economic and commercial development of this area. 9PMP is honored to be selected as the Management and Tenant Coordination unit for the Parc Mall project. This selection confirms the reputation and ability of 9PMP to facilitate and effectively manage both tenants and investors in order to make Parc Mall a promising and successful shopping center.

Project details

  • Project Type: Commercial
  • Services Provided: Management & Tenant Coordination Services
  • Period: 2024