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  • Assist in sending the Standard Document Kit (CPD – including instructions, drawings, etc.), preparing and publishing 1:50 scale drawings of tenants.
  • Coordinate site preparation for handover, pay construction deposit, purchase insurance, etc. before Tenant starts construction.
  • Inform the Leasing Team of project timelines, and maintain a program of risk checks.
  • Attend project meetings, coordinate with project consultants and keep Project Team informed of rental status, and service requirements.
  • Hold a pre-launch meeting with Tenants and their design consultants to guide on design requirements, construction processes and procedures.
  • Identify potential project risks and devise a strategy to mitigate them.
  • Check and approve the tenant’s design.
  • Early identification of Tenant requirements for replacement of basic building items (RFC).
  • Assist Tenants in proposing changes to building design guidelines.
  • Support Tenant’s schedule.

  • Assist in controlling the tenant’s design progress, assist in responding to requests for information (RFI), and provide guidance on design requirements.
  • Control and monitor Tenant’s progress, and report to Client.
  • Manage the assessment of whether the Tenant and the Tenant’s contractors are in compliance with the Project’s Occupational Health and Safety requirements.
  • Coordinate with the Client’s Project Management Team to check the quality during the Tenant’s construction period.
  • Manage Tenant’s progress and report to Client as required.
  • Control the progress and ensure the construction work is completed on time for the opening day.
  • Manage the actual Completion of Checks by all Tenants.
  • Manage Change Requests on site.
  • Coordinate the logistics process on site.
  • Identify potential problem areas that could affect the success of the first day tenants open
  • After the opening of the shopping mall, 9PMP will provide the Shopping Center Management Board with the final accurate documents related to the Tenant’s construction work.
  • Approval and request for release of construction deposit from Tenant.
  • Prepare the Final Report and evaluation of the Tenant’s construction for the Client’s reference or use.
  • Gather and provide the Management Board of the Shopping Center with as-built drawings of the Tenant, contact information of the contractor and important documents of the construction works of the Tenant.
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