About 9PMP


Having many years of experience in the construction industry as well as real estate project management, 9PMP team understood all difficulties that investors and constructors have to face when managing a construction project.

For that reason, our application “9PMP” was born to provide an “all-in-one” solution, helping investors and constructors to manage real estate projects easily in one platform. Notably, depending on the project’s type and scale, users can adjust and change all the modules to their needs.

9PMP always has a team on standby full of seasoned experts who are knowledgeable about the industry. We are always ready to listen, give advice, and support businesses to find out the best solutions for all of our client’s problems.

9PMP‘S core value is to provide the highest standards of professional service, as well as to develop the project team’s values. We always strive to support stakeholders to take action and achieve their own goals in managing a real estate project.

9PMP aims at becoming a leading company that provides Project Management and Construction Supervision solutions in Vietnam and neighboring areas.
With effective support from a team of seasoned and experienced Project directors and in-house IT staff, 9PMP is confident we can bring a truly professional and efficient solution that meets all your demands in real estate project management.
Being one of the leading project management applications, 9PMP has a mission to:
  • Increase clients’ investment benefits and efficiency in every real estate project.
  • Apply modern technology and cloud computing to the field of Project management and Construction Supervision with high performance.
  • Contribute to developing big construction projects and ensuring national quality safety.
  • Create opportunities for personal development, promote creativity and work efficiency for each employee involved in the project.
We develop 9PMP base on the following core values:
  • Intelligence and creativity are the foundation of the Company
  • People are priceless assets of the Company.
  • Solidarity and professionalism are the Company’s working methods.
  • Customer satisfaction and economic efficiency are the top goals of the Company.
  • Promotion opportunities and benefits are only based on the efforts and contributions of each member.

All 9PMP features are integrated into the Dashboard, for businesses to monitor and manage all aspects of their real estate project.

High Practicality

With 9PMP application, businesses can save time and optimize the approval process in managing construction projects via exporting reports in real-time.

Tailor-made for every business

Depending on the business' demand and project's nature, 9 features in 9PMP application can be applied simultaneously or individually.


With all the prominent features that no other real estate management applications have, 9PMP possesses outstanding quality compared to the price.


9PMP has been a companion with many businesses and corporations all around the globe. We have a team of seasoned experts who are knowledgeable about the industry and always ready to support businesses in construction project management.

Applying hi-tech to project management, 9PMP proposes the most practical and optimal solutions, which best suit the business’ actual situation.



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